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Help popups are available through the posting process.

  1. For a first post, get yourself a login and respond to the email confirmation.
  2. Prepare a Blog post (Word file with copy and headline) plus a digital image for Signature Image.
  3. Go back to HAVE YOUR SAY, login and follow the steps and instructions. (see Tips & Terms for Posting on the upload page).
  4. Each submission needs to be approved so a short wait is needed.

You can change existing saved Blog posts, as follows:  

  1. Go back to HAVE YOUR SAY.’
  2. Open ‘View My Posts’.
  3. You will arrive on a page where any of your previous posts will be displayed. In the top right corner of each post you will see an icon to click Edit Page Details.

Big ideas are cool again. The best place to find them is at Wellington: Creating Tomorrow, a forum inspired by Rotary.


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